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At the end of the Master in International Business Development students will have several abilities:

  • understanding the main economic-political international dynamics;
  • recognizing the most suitable foreign markets where internationalization projects may be developed;
  • supporting businesses in high level decisions;
  • elaborating marketing and development plans in foreign markets;
  • identifying suitable European funding for business development;
  • drawing up a European grant or tender;
  • organizing and managing commercial events;
  • introducing themselves in the International market in a professional way.

The career of an international business development manager is strongly oriented towards the building and sustaining of relationships within foreign markets, and the enhancement of the values of the countries where he/she operates. In addition to the large companies, SMEs producing high quality products, reference points in the niche-market where they operate, are increasingly relying on these important professional figures. An example can be found in those businesses operating in the handcraft or tourism sectors, which are closely connected with local values and prosperity.

The International Business Development Master gives several employment opportunities such as:

  • import-export management of large businesses;
  • business internationalization consultancies;
  • commercial promotion offices of public administrations;
  • Chambers of Commerce and Special Agencies for business internationalization;
  • Euro-planning firms;
  • SMEs supporting offices;
  • trade show organizations, etc.