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Master5’s programme is designed to give students all the tools to understand the complexity of a company’s internationalization process. The complexity of this process comes from several factors, which may interfere along the way. These factors are both internal and external to the company like the business organization, the cultural differences, the foreign countries’ political and economic situation, the law and fiscal systems and many others. During the Master, the students will have the possibility to learn more about the interconnection between these factors and will aquire the competences to analyse all these aspects in order to build an efficient business plan to meet companies’ necessities. Moreover, Master5 has a focus on the EU politic and economic situation to understand how its decisions are able to affect not just EU Member States’ Governments but also EU companies’ actions.

The Master programme is composed by 4 macro areas for a total amount of 300 hours plus internship, Job link module and a second language lab.

Classes and project works are held in English, from Monday to Friday, 9.30 – 16.30.



1. Economics and Legal aspects of International Commerce

The aim of this macro area is to provide the notions to understand the complexity behind the business internationalization process. The lessons, given by qualified teachers from Leuven University and Nuovo Istituto di Business Internazionale, will go through the geopolitics, the several law and fiscal orders, the internal politics, the presence of duties and customs: topics which every good export manager should take care of.

2. International and finance management

This macro area is dedicated to the analysis of marketing and financial aspects and tools required to accomplish the business internationalization process. The lectures are given by New International Business Institute (NIBI) and the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCIB). During this macro area’s courses, students will work in teams to prepare a business plan for a company interested in exporting abroad. Each team will be responsible for a particular case proposed by teachers.

3. EU project management

The courses of this macro area are focused on understanding all the actions undertaken by the EU to promote entrepreneurship and improve the business environment especially for SMEs, which are the backbone of Europe’s economy. In this framework, this master will offer students the knowledge and tools required to design successful projects and apply for EU funds. COSME, the EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises running from 2014-2020, will be used to write EU projects and gain direct knowledge and expertise under the guidance of an expert project manager.

4. Business English

English is an essential requirement to work in an international environment. Therefore, the Master offers the opportunity to practice Business English thanks to a 24-hour course, held by teachers whose mother tongue is English. A test to verify each student’s English level will be carried out at the beginning of the course in order to divide the students in two groups. The passing of a final test at the end of the course will entitle the student to receive a participation certificate.

5. Get involved

This macroarea has been thought as a way to complete and enrich the previous ones. Students will have the opportunity to question experts in the internationalization fields directly, to improve a second language and to discover how to sell them in the job market. Last but not least, 15 scholarships for internships are available to allow students to put in practice what they have learnt during the Master.


The admission to the Master5 is subjected to the following requirements:

  • at least a first level university degree in Economics, Business Studies, Law, International Relations;
  • a B2 level of English; students may provide a certification (FCE, IELTS, TOEFL).

Students with other academic backgrounds may apply if they demonstrate a particular interest and passion for business internationalization.

How to apply

To apply, candidates should submit the application form plus the following documents:

  • copy of the university diploma or equivalent degree;
  • CV in English;
  • cover letter in English, stating the motivation to attend the Master;
  • English language certificate or a language knowledge self-statement;
  • one passport-size photograph;
  • copy of passport or other identification document.

Application can be sent by e-mail to info@master5.eu together with the signed and scanned documents or by regular mail to the following address: European Desk – Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce – Avenue Henri Jaspar 113, 1060 Brussels, Belgium.

Selection procedure

Only 30 candidates will be admitted to the Master. The admission procedure is based on the documents sent with the application, which will be analysed by the admission committee chaired by the Secretary General of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Assessment criteria:

  • motivation (25 points);
  • University degree field (10 points);
  • University degree score (5 points);
  • post-degree training courses in your country (10 points);
  • post-degree training courses abroad (10 points);
  • relevant working experiences (internship included) in your country (10 points);
  • relevant working experiences (internship included) abroad (10 points);
  • level of English knowledge (15 points);
  • knowledge of other languages (5 points).

The commission will meet periodically to analyze the received applications and the students, who will score over 70 points, will be admitted automatically to the Master. An email will be sent within 20 days from the application date communicating the admission to the program.

Students will have 10 days to confirm their participation by paying the first installment. Within the 10 days the candidate will have the possibility to turn down the acceptance without any penalties.

The Admission Committee reserves the right to invite candidates for a Skype interview.


Master’s tuition fees

The total fee for Master5 – Master in International Business Development is 5.900 Euros and includes:

  • master inscription
  • didactic material (books, brochures, photocopies, USB)
  • costs related to visits
  • business English and second language lab
  • job link service: individual consultancy, distribution of students’ profiles to 5.000 organizations, administrative support and insurance costs for the internship
  • publication of the participants’ profile into the CV book and job-link service
  • insurance coverage in Belgium during eventual internship post-Master
  • opening event and final award
  • diploma (for the students who will pass the exams)

Tuition fees do not include accommodation in Brussels and anything that is not mentioned in the list above.

The total amount of the fee will be paid in two instalments:

  • 1st instalment: 1.500 Euros at the confirmation of participation to the Master. The registration is confirmed ONLY when the 1st instalment payment is received. The 1st instalment is not reimbursable. The instalment will be reimbursed only in the case in which the Master will be not activated.
  • 2nd instalment: 4.400 Euros before Friday, 11th August 2017.

The 2nd instalment payment may be extended prior agreement with the Secretary.


The Master5 awards a Diploma in Master5 – Master in International Business Development issued by the Institute of European Studies of the Catholic University of Louvain and the European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

The master diploma will be delivered at the end of the internship experience, and after the final examination (in December), students will receive a certificate of attendance.

Diplomas will be awarded to students that successfully pass the evaluation process, consisting of two exams and three project works. Only students who attend at least the 80% of classes will be admitted to the final exam and to the Diploma award.

Students will also receive a Transcript Certificate with the transcript of exams and the final grade obtained.


This is an International post-graduate Master. It is an intensive, full-time programme, whose awarded title is “Post-graduate Master in International Business Development”. This Master aims to provide the students with the professional tools required by the job market; the objective is not to provide a “title”, but practical competencies. The Master does not give university credits. Therefore, even if organised by a University-consortium, the framework of an extra-university Master has been chosen.