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The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and its training office help students with their entrance in the job market through several services. Here a list of those included in the Master5 – Master in International Business Development.


  • Class session: the advice of an expert will help students to improve their CVs and Cover letters, as well as to use the right techniques while approaching the job market in the internationalization sector;
  • Individual tutoring: individual meetings can be scheduled for the students to receive personalized advice related to their profiles;
  • Meeting with experts: during the Master, the students frequently meet experts and officials, working in the Brussels area. These meetings are organized to give students the opportunity to network and  make contacts for future employment prospects;
  • CV Book: the Master participants’ profiles will be published in the CV book, which will be sent to hundreds of European organizations, companies and associations in Brussels and all over Europe. The CV book is an effective tool that allows employers to select the most suitable candidates for their companies or organizations and to find skilled policy advisors and project consultants.


The second half of the master will be dedicated to an internship (from 2 to 3 months duration) and all the students are invited to participate in this experience. The objective of the internship is to apply the concepts acquired during the master classes and to work in an international context.

Students can choose among 3 internship options:

  • internship in an establishment already identified by the student;
  • project at home;
  • internship done in one of the geographic areas among Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

All the internships will have a duration between 2 and 3 months for a total of 240 hours.

Internship characteristics and scholarships

For 15 students involved in the 1st and 3rd internship option, there will be a scholarship to support him/her with the travel expenses.

  1. Internship in an establishment already identified by the student. Occasionally students have already located a particular and interesting organization where they would like intern.

Available scholarship: 500 Euros for 10 scholarships

  1. Project at home. This solution is thought for those students who do not have the opportunity to relocate but do not want to miss any opportunity to test their knowledge. The student, who has preferred this option, will have the chance to work on an actual project at home and he will be followed by a tutor by e-mail and weekly Skype meetings.

No scholarship available.

  1. Internship done in one of the geographic areas chosen by students. In this case, following the preference identified by the student, the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce will identify a structure operating in that particular geographic area. The geographic areas are:

  • Europe (Belgium – France – Spain);
  • Asia (India – Singapore);
  • Latin America (Brazil – Argentina);
  • North America.

The internship will be done in a Chamber of Commerce, company or in another organization which operates in the field of business internationalization.

Available scholarships: 1.000 Euros for 5 scholarships