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Below you can find some Master5’s students experience of the previous two master editions.

If you would like to contact former students you can write an e-mail to info@master5.eu: we are at your disposal to forward them your message.

Giacoma Clara Lacalamita

Graduated in law, currently doing an internship in a business consulting company in Milan, tells her experience as the student of the 2nd edition of the Master in International Business Development, held in Brussels from January to April 2016.

Master5 for a trasversal professional profile

giacoma-clara-lacalamitaWhich added-value is provided by the Master in International Business Development?

I think that nowadays we need, as well as a sectorial training, knowledge and interconnection through economic-legal concepts and using necessary tools to manage a whole project cycle. The achievement of these competences allows the acquirement of an added-value by creating a versatile, transversal and professional profile that is flexible for all requirements of the turbulent and international market.

Have you had the opportunity to face, during your activities in the company, problems or situations similar to those simulated in class?

I’m doing an internship in a business consulting company where, among the different activities, a big consideration is also reserved to support the enterprises in the internationalization process. Therefore, I used the operational tools learnt during the internationalization business project work so I had the possibility to apply them to concrete cases.

A few months past, how do you describe the human aspect of the Master, considering the network of professional contacts and all relationship with the other students?

Sharing a common training period and working in team during the project works have definitely created relationship based on mutual awareness and constant self-criticism; elements that allowed a personal grow opportunity. Furthermore, several events organized by the Master allowed the creation of an international and institutional network and the exchange of other types of contacts, essential for the high-profile growth.

In your opinion, which are the strengths of Master5 in International Business Development?

Transversality, multidisciplinary matter and international breath.

Which skills have you further developed thanks to Master5?

While attending Master5, I’ve further developed my legal competences thanks to international contracts and European Law concepts.  I’ve definitely acquired the competences needed to manage a project and the operating tools that deal with the time schedule, the activities and the output production of that’s one. In addition, the Master lets surely me know more about the precious offers presented by European project and call for tender, often unknown and underestimated by private individuals and companies.

Francesca Craus

Francesca Craus is graduated in Master5, Master in International Business Development – 1st edition. 

When the professional career starts in Brussels

francesca-crausWhich added-value can offer the Master attendance in Brussels to the personal education?

It certainly represents a “plus” both in terms of reputation and professional opportunities. Moreover, it allows practicing and improving our own language competences in English, since the Master is partly held in this language and provides a Business English course, and also in French, language mostly spoken in this city. Being in Brussels gave us the opportunity to organize trips out of Belgium thanks to its central position compared to the more coveted places.

The educational offer provided also geographic and thematic focus. You attended to videoconferencing with operators in Singapore, Russia, Japan, India, Canada and South Africa; you also received witnesses by operators in Middle East and China, then you had the opportunity to visit enterprises, fairs and other facilities based in the North of Europe. Which trip have you preferred the most? 

The visit, which I have preferred the most, is the Champagne visit, in France. We saw how takes place the fermentation, conservation and bottling process of wine and their sales strategy. I’ve also appreciated the visit to Luxembourg, during which the Italian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce showed us the banking industry and the job offers in this country; we also had the possibility to visit the Luxlait Company, where we were shown the pasteurizing, conservation and packaging process of the milk and milk by-products, as well as their marketing strategy.

Integrant parts of the Master were three project works and the Job Links Service which aims to facilitate the entering in the labour market.

Yes, the Export manager has often to work in team and to relate to people that have different points of view. The Project Work gave me the possibility to learn how to organize a business plan’s draft and a proposal for a European tender (both for a call for tenders or a call for proposal). Meanwhile, the Job Link indicated us several websites and strategies for searching a job and thanks to the individual meeting I also learnt how to improve my CV in order to gain a complete effectiveness and to make it more effective and attractive.

Several internship opportunities have been offered to the Master’s students. Furthermore, half of the enrolled participants earned a scholarship for an internship. What is your situation at the moment, after the Master attendance?

I’m working as an intern for Cosmetra, a Belgian Company, which produces therapeutic and esthetical equipment for cavitation, pushed lights and microdermabrasion treatments, mesotherapy without needle and oxygen therapy. The company operates in European and non-European countries, but in Italy not yet, and they decided to select a Master student for expanding the Company within the Italian market too. In this company, as Sales Manager, I’m responsible for the introduction in the Italian market. After a training time, I’m detecting potential distributors and final clients, and meanwhile, I am drawing contacts with governmental and non-governmental organizations that are already active in this sector in Italy.